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Page 2, style update

Today sees page two added to chapter one and a style update to the artwork. I was unhappy with the shadows on page one and spent time reworking them and subsequently much of page two.

The new style has harder shadows and some simplification of the colour schemes on the characters themselves while the background technique remains much the same.

In addition to the style and chapter one update pages four and five have been added to the Sentia chapter of the Essendium. Farrini are robust amphibioids raised mostly underground.

Re'Noi are amphibioids that live above ground and traverse shallower waters than the Farrini. Their education system and military prowess make them respected and sought after as counsel.

My apologies for a long pause between updates, illness followed by a chance to study with two professionals in the digital art and video editing fields paused my production for a little while.

This will be the only update this week, I will resume updating on Tuesday and Thursday from next week.



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